Does your son have failing grades at school? Or does he seem to be retrogressing academically?

If yes, don’t freak out because there are millions of other parents going through the same thing with their sons. Ideally, no child is supposed to flop in their studies especially in the first years of schooling. This is because, in this stage, the studies are usually not that detailed thereby making them easy to grasp and understand for any child.

And your job as a parent is to motivate your child to get good grades in school and perform well in his studies. Here are some proven tips to help you out.

Maintain a positive and respectful relationship with your son

At no single time should your child feel like you hate or repulse him for not performing well in his education. Instead, you should express love and affection towards him and maintain a positive relationship with him. This makes it easy to be influential to him and encourage him to put extra effort in his education.

Threatening, punishing, manipulating and reprimanding your child for his academic failure will only be detrimental to the relationship that both of you share and will definitely de-motivate your son. Your feelings of frustration, anxiety, and disappointment are understandable but you should never let them out on your son. Always remember that everything takes time to perfect and polish. As such, you should allow your son time to improve on his academics.

Apply the “when you” concept/rule

You should let your son know that only he has the power and ability to improve on his performance at school. While you as the parent can motivate him and applaud him, the ultimate power of improving on his grades lies with him. With this realization, it is possible for him to improve on his performance at school. Generally, the secret to motivating your son to perform well in his studies revolves around enabling him to trust in his ability and effort to make an improvement in his academics.

One of the greatest lessons in life is believing in yourself and realizing that you can achieve any success you target at. This is what you should let your son know and put into practice when motivating him to work for good results in school.

Identify your son’s weaknesses and strengths

Even as you encourage your son to achieve better results in school, it is necessary to identify his areas of strengths and weaknesses in his academics. This makes it easy to help him remain on track by improving his weaknesses and perfecting the strengths. The easiest way to take note of these points is by watching him do his homework. You should not do the homework for him but rather, you should watch him doing it and identify the areas he seems to be struggling with.

Mostly, mathematics and science subjects trouble children more than any other subjects. As such, if your son seems to be having problems with these subjects, it is advisable that you help him revise the subjects and any other topics that he may be having problems with.

Teach life balance

At times, poor academic performance is caused by lack of proper life balance. Remember that as much as your son needs to get good grades at school, he also needs to balance his life and attend to other aspects of life. You need to get your son involved in other things such as socializing with friends and family, sports, identifying talents and pursuing other extra curriculum activities.

Balancing life with studies goes a long way in sharpening the mind and enhancing better understanding of studies. Let your son involve in other school affairs such as competitions, games, and music lessons. This will help his mind to relax and consequently make it easy for him to understand his studies better.

Let him rest

Overloading your son with lots of school work and academic stuff will not make it easy for him to understand his studies. This is because overworking the mind will only make it hard for him to grasp what he is taught or learned and thus making it hard for him to get good results at school. After school, let your son play with other children, ride a bicycle, play football or even play video games before he starts studying in the evening. This helps in relaxing the mind and allowing him to feel fresh as he embarks on evening studies.

Build his self-esteem

As a parent, you need to understand that children are different from each other. One child’s learning style and pattern may be entirely different from that of another child. Due to this, you should understand that your son’s learning style is unique. Additionally, you should not tell your son that he should study like another child who performs well in school. Instead, you should build his self-esteem and help him figure out how he can improve his learning style for excellent results.

There are children who learn using a hands-on approach while others learn through watching and others by listening. Therefore, you should work on helping your son achieve the best results at school using his learning style.

Help him in setting goals

Goal setting is a very important aspect of motivating your son to improve in his studies and post good results. Ideally, goals offer guidance on the effort to put and the strategies to apply in order to improve performance. For instance, it is very hard for your son to improve from a grade such as D to A overnight. Have him set goals that he can accomplish within a given timeframe.

You should guide your son so that he sets realistic and achievable goals. The best thing about goal-setting is that it helps in boosting confidence and morale for better performance. What’s more beneficial is that goals make it easy to post better results as it is easier to work towards achieving a specific target rather than working aimlessly.

Most parents presume that teaching should be left entirely to teachers alone. However, this is not the case as parents are required to teach their children what they’re not taught in school. For instance, you should teach your son organizational skills such as managing time. Organizational skills are not only important in academic life but are also very crucial in his day to day life.

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